El Portalet de Belén


María and José are looking for an inn in the city of Alicante, the Palacio del Portalet lends itself to welcoming them and showing the world the greatness of the Messiah: Jesus of Nazareth.


The Magi, upon learning of their presence in this historic enclave, have decided to prostrate themselves before their plants, as the New Testament tells us in the Gospel of Matthew, there are three present who deliver to the Redeemer of the World:


Recognizing his royalty they give him GOLD.

Recognizing his divinity they give INCENSE.

Announcing their sufferings they deliver MIRRA to him.


In the Portalet de Belén SSMM the Three Wise Men from the East collect the letters with the requests of the girls and boys from Alicante that they will receive at their homes on January 5, fulfilling one more year with the historical tradition that our elders transmitted to us: the innocence.


For the fourth consecutive year, Alicante's Holy Week Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods Board wants to bring the birth of Jesus to the entire city, a life-size catechesis in which we enter and participate of the central mystery of these dates so significant for all where happiness, family and life are more present than ever.


If you are reading this, you will be in front of the newborn Jesus in the arms of his mother, the Virgin Mary. Bow down before the Savior and adore as they did, the Magi from the East.


Merry Christmas!