Real Hermandad Sacramental del Santísimo Cristo de las Penas y Santa Mujer Verónica


Foundation year: 1947

Canonical See: Basilica of Santa Maria



Sculptural Group of the Holy Christ of Penas: Holy Christ of Sorrows • Antonio Castillo Lastrucci 1951. Verónica, Sayón, Romano • Antonio Castillo Lastrucci 1948 • 1951

Saint Veronica Woman • Antonio Castillo Lastrucci 1946



The corporate shield is represented by the image of the Holy Face. One of the main devotions of the city of Alicante and that gives meaning to the head of the corporation, Santa Mujer Verónica. Holy Woman who cleaned the face of Christ on the way to Calvary. On the face of the shield we can see the tear that protrudes from the eye, referring to the miracle of the tear in 1489 produced by the Holy Relic after a newspaper in the town of Alicante due to a severe drought that hit the city. The general outlines of the shield are inspired by the painting that appears in the Holy Relic of the Monastery of the Holy Face and that has been interpreted in all areas of the city of Alicante, including the panels of the images of the Brotherhood.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a white vest, mask, socks and gloves. Cape and cord made in blue. In the center of the mask is placed the shield of the Brotherhood Matriz del Stmo. Cristo del Mar, as well as the coat of arms corresponding to the Brotherhood of the Holy Woman Veronica. Complete with white socks and shoes and a Brotherhood medal.



It is one of the brotherhoods with the oldest origins in the city, since Ferdinand II the Catholic, II of Aragon, approved the chapters of the Brotherhood of Santa Verónica of Alicante in 1496. Disappeared like so many in the 30s, in 1946 is re-founded by the Hermandad del Cristo del Mar with the name of Hermandad de la Santa Mujer Verónica "to give tribute of Faith and veneration to the Holy Face", the greatest devotion of the city of Alicante.


Mr. Sebastián Cortés, Mr. José María Simón, Mr. Andrés Navarro, Mr. Tomás Valcárcel, Mr. Enrique Ferré, Mr. Antonio Ravello, Mr. Jacinto Calderón, Mr. José García Sellés, Mr. Joaquín Cano Blajot, Mr. Tomás Salinas and D. José María Paternina will be its promoters.


On April 4, 1947, the Verónica, the work of D. Antonio Castillo Lastrucci, would procession for the first time since the then Collegiate Church of San Nicolás with the litters of the Virgen del Remedio, which D. Tomás Valcárcel had borrowed from the Arch Confraternity that He had very graciously offered them.


Highlight the magnificent heraldic mantle embroidered by D. Tomás Valcárcel for the Brotherhood between the years 1947 and 1948. The work measures 4 meters long by 5 wide and that on a turquoise blue background is embroidered with 25 kilos of gold thread the 148 shields corresponding to each one of the towns of the Province, grouped around their corresponding Judicial Parties. In the center, the coat of arms of Alicante flanked by two angels bearing a phylactery that reads: "Year 1948. Alicante and its Province a la Santísima Faz". The inauguration ceremony of said mantle was attended by the mayors of all the municipalities represented in it, being awarded the national craft award. The original thing about this work of art is that the shields and barracks, as well as the gules, sable and azure fields, are made with a new technique, since, being colored, they are embroidered in gold and silver.


This procession was for years sponsored by the Hon. City Council, which presided over the Corporation under clubs. El Paso de la Verónica was guarded by the Gran Gala Squad of the Municipal Police that, likewise, gave an escort to the flag of the City, granted to the mother brotherhood of Cristo del Mar for the recovery of the extinct brotherhoods of La Verónica, the Samaritan and the Prayer in the Garden, and which was carried by the youngest Councilor, being the only one who could parade, by special privilege, through the center of the Esplanade.


In 1948 the Board agreed to commission Mr. Antonio Castillo Lastrucci to carve the group of the "Santísimo Cristo de las Penas", to accompany Veronica on her pilgrimage on the morning of Good Friday, representing precisely the moment in which the Holy Woman rinsed the face of Christ, taking his effigy with her. It will be hired in 1951 and will have its first processional outing in 1954 using the litters that the Holy Christ of the Sea premiered in its first outing.


In 2013 the Santísimo Cristo de las Penas is restored to worship in the El Salvador Parish in the Garbinet neighborhood, in 2017 the Basilica of Santa María is moved to the canonical headquarters, where it receives worship along with the rest of the images of the corporation.


In 2017 the SM. The King of Spain, Felipe VI, grants the Brotherhood the title of Royal.


Web: Real Hermandad Sacramental del Santísimo Cristo de las Penas y Santa Mujer Verónica

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