Cofradía de San Pedro Apóstol


Foundation Year: 1997

Canonical See: Basilica of Santa Maria



San Pedro • José Antonio Hernández Navarro 1997



As can be seen, we find four elements attributive to the Apostle Saint Peter. The rooster referring to the words of Jesus "Before the rooster crows you will deny me three times", standing in the middle of the keys of Saint Peter, an attributive element of the Saint for containing the Keys to the gates of Heaven. All this on a pedestal, symbol of the building of the church "Pedro on this stone you will build my Church" on which you can see the initials CISPA "Cofradía de Infantes de San Pedro Apóstol", primitive nomenclature of the Cofradía where it began. parading with infants, only. All this finished off with the papal miter, since Saint Peter was the first Pope of the Church.



It is traditional for this Confraternity to wear an ivory colored vest, a mask, and a navy blue velvet sash. They wear white gloves, black shoes and the medal of the Brotherhood of San Pedro on the mask.



The oldest news that refers to the existence of the Brotherhood of San Pedro Apóstol de Alicante dates back to the seventeenth century. It was a brotherhood erected in the old San Francisco Convent, run by the Franciscan Fathers. Due to the documentation kept in the Municipal Archive of Alicante, this "brotherhood of the fishermen of the Raval" experienced moments of splendor throughout the 18th century, since it is in the first half of this century when it is shown to us as a strongly consolidated association, that it did not have a "Bull of its erection and only indulgences" and that at that time it had one hundred and sixty confreres, who made their annual expenses from the contribution called "tacha".


The XIX century would be a conflictive century for the union groups, from whose decline the Brotherhood of San Pedro could not escape. One of the latest news that we have about the brotherhood refers to its economic participation in 1859 on the occasion of the repair of the Convent of San Francisco.


With the passing of time, the emblematic brotherhood fell into oblivion until in 1997 a group of brotherhood brothers reconstituted it under the same title. Founded as a Brotherhood affiliated to the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Soledad de Santa María. Its Statutes were approved on July 21, 1997.


On February 27, 1999, the Brotherhoods of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad and San Pedro Apóstol signed the Perpetual Twinning Act at the main altar of the Church of the Triumphs of the Holy Sacrament in Alicante. Since then, and at the decision of their assemblies, the two entities are made up of the same members.

It was established as a Brotherhood made up solely of children and youth. In 2000 there was an update of its Statutes to suppress this condition and to accommodate all those who want to belong to it.


Numerous are the decorations offered to the image of Saint Peter over the years. In 2012, the Spanish Navy, represented by the Alicante Naval Command, decorated San Pedro with the “Admiral's Sash”. In the course of an official act, the naval commander D. Javier Yohn, imposed the highest distinction of the Navy before the numerous presence of civil and military authorities.


In Holy Week 2014, and as Custodians of Honor, the General Air Academy, represented by Colonel Director Mr. Emilio Gracia Cirugeda, offered him the “Staff of Command” of the Air Force, an unprecedented act. with which they wanted to commemorate, once again, the historical singularity of this brotherhood in the heart of Holy Week in Alicante.


Without losing the link between the two twinned corporations in 1999, as of 2019 diocesan rules make the Brotherhood of San Pedro Apóstol have its own governing board independent from that of the Brotherhood of Soledad de Santa María.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • You are Petrus • José Vicente Asensi. Slow march. To the Brotherhood of San Pedro Apostol of the City of Alicante. Easter 2017.

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