Muy Piadosa Hermandad y Cofradía de Nazarenos de la Santa Redención


Foundation year: 1959

Canonical See: San Antonio de Padua Parish



Santa Cruz RedentoraReligious Art Workshops Salmerón 2004

Holy Mary of the Greatest Pain • José María Leal Bernáldez 2015



On a blue background, a white shroud appears on the brown staircase with two lances crossed in the same color, representing the emptiness of the Cross once the body of Christ has been lowered. At the bottom we find the three nails and surrounding all these elements a border like a crown of thorns, all topped with four black cross-like blades.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a black tunic with cardinal red buttons. Mask and cape, too, in cardinal red. The emblem of the Brotherhood can be seen embroidered on the mask. The habit is completed with a cardinal red silk girdle, white gloves and socks, and black shoes.



The Brotherhood was founded as a subsidiary of Ecce-Homo in 1959 to promote the worship of the tree of the cross. In the beginning they established the exit in the early hours of the morning of Friday, however, during their first years of operation they did not establish a uniform, nor emblem, nor did they organize any external act; participating in those organized by its parent brotherhood, until in 1971 it was decided that the brotherhood of the Redemption would appear for the first time in the Ecce-Homo procession, but as a "third" or section more, although with its own name and colors.


The Governing Board, under the direction of the butler D. José Esplá, drew up the first step of the Redemptive Cross, but also the shield of the brotherhood, from which it still lacked. Finally, at the end of the 70s it was decided that each brotherhood parade on different days. In 1982 the Virgin of the Greater Pain would be incorporated, which would be the same size that would parade with the Ecce-Homo with the name of Amargura, but changing the invocation to "Greater Pain" for the occasion.


In 2015, the brotherhood unveils a new image of the Virgin, the work of the sculptor D. José Mª Leal.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • Holy Redemption • Felipe Sanchís Berná. "Fanfare of metals for the head of the procession." Premiered on February 21, 2007 in the church of San Antonio. Dedicated to the brotherhood of the same name. Trio of trombones and timpani.
  • In your hands Lord • Antonio Ruda Peco. Procession march. Second prize in the 1st Procession Marches Contest "Ciudad de Alicante". Year 1998. Dedicated to the Brotherhood of the Holy Redemption of Alicante. Recorded on the CD "Our Music" from 2000.
  • Holy Mary of the Greatest Pain • Antonio Carrillo Colomina. "March of procession". Dedicated to the Marian image of the Brotherhood of the Holy Redemption. Posthumous work. Released on February 22, 2015.

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