Hermandad del Prendimiento y Nuestra Señora del Consuelo


Year of Foundation: 1996

Canonical See: The Good Shepherd Parish



Sculptural Group of the Sacred LavatoryOur Father Jesus in the Sacred Lavatory • Antonio García Mengual 2000. Apostles Saint John, Saint James and Saint Peter • Antonio García Mengual 2000

Sculptural Group of Jesus in his Arrest: Our Father Jesus of Arrest • Antonio García Mengual 1996. Judas and the Roman Soldier • Antonio García Mengual 1996

Image Mariana: Our Lady of Consolation • Antonio García Mengual 1996-1997



In the first place we find a cross shaped representative of humiliation and suffering. Next we find the name of the Brotherhood in a circular way, and inside it is representative the significant mountain of Faith, on the mountain appear the hands of God blessing the world together with some representative chains of God's bonds with the earthly world. All this is arranged on a "hospitable" green background given the link between the origins of this Brotherhood and the healthcare world.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a white vest and mask. Likewise, men wear a green sanitary cape in relation to the origins of the Brotherhood with the sanitary world, at the waist we find white and green cord. It is complemented by white gloves, black footwear and a Brotherhood medal.



Like many of the steps that appear in the brotherhoods and brotherhoods of Alicante, both the Arrest step and the Lavatorio constituted their own brotherhoods in the 19th century, but like the vast majority, they disappeared during the tragic events that occurred in our city in the 1930s. Last century.


The brotherhood was founded in 1997 by residents of the Alicante neighborhood of Raval Roig, although, due to the disappearance of the emblematic Provincial Hospital of Alicante and the relocation of the staff in different centers of the city, it is necessary to maintain the links between them.


It is believed in the convenience of establishing a Brotherhood of Holy Week due to the interrelationship between the work undertaken by them in the old hospital, work to relieve, comfort and heal and the meaning of the total and absolute dedication of Christ for others in the cross.


Another fact marks them from birth. It is the memory of the old chapel of the hospital in which an image of the Virgin was found, which was much visited by sick people and relatives in the hope of obtaining consolation. Due to this, it was decided to order a carving of a Dolorosa to which the invocation of Our Lady of Consuelo was awarded, which would appear for the first time in the 1997 procession, along with the also recently created Passage of the Arrest, one of the recovered passages of the Passion of the Alicante Holy Week. A few years later, in the year 2000, the Lavatorio pass was added.


The brotherhood was established as such on September 5, 1996 with the following purposes: to strengthen the bonds of union, friendship and solidarity between the former officials of the Provincial Hospital and all those neighbors, especially the Pla neighborhood, who would like to join the same. The new brotherhood will participate for the first time in Alicante's Holy Week on Holy Monday 1997. At present, the majority of the residents of this Alicante neighborhood belong to the brotherhood.


As an anecdote and memory of the hospitable past of the members of the brotherhood, the brothers wear the colors white and green, always related to the sanitary colors.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • Jesus of the Arrest. Miguel Angel Ivorra Olmedo
  • Virgin Mother of Consuelo. Miguel Angel Ivorra Olmedo


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