Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de la Piedad y Caridad y Cristo de la Paz


Foundation year: 1949

Canonical See: San Juan Bautista Parish



Most Holy Christ of Peace • Hermanos Blanco 1984

Our Lady of Mercy and Charity • Joaquín Mayans Ruiz 2004



The corporate shield contains significant elements that give full meaning to the Brotherhood. It is conformed in its outer part by blades that emanate from the central axis symbol of the divinity of God. We can see in the center of the shield the initials CVP in memory of the owner of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy and Charity and among them a cross with a shroud. Likewise, the shield is finished off with a crown of thorns in memory of the passion of Christ.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a blue tunic and mask from Alicante. Cape, in white. The emblem of the Brotherhood can be seen embroidered on the cape. The habit is completed with a white and blue cord, white gloves, black shoes and a medal on the mask.



Don José Rogel Martínez, thought of establishing a Brotherhood of Holy Week and thus, on April 4, 1949, what would be called Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy and Charity was established.

From its origins, this Brotherhood acquired a distinctly Cartagena look due to the origin of its founder. In fact, the same name of the Brotherhood and the invocation of the titular image, correspond to the Patron Saint of Cartagena.


The set represents the Virgin seated at the foot of the cross and the inert body of Christ on her lap. It was acquired at the Secresty workshops in Olot.


The blessing of the image took place on April 16, 1951 and it was processed for the first time, on April 1, 1955, Friday of Dolores, through the streets of the Benalúa neighborhood. His first penance season within Alicante's Holy Week took place on Holy Thursday, 1956.


On April 13, 1984, this Brotherhood incorporated a second throne and image. It is about the Christ of Peace, the work of Rafael and Fulgencio Blanco that represents a Christ who died on the cross. Since this date, the Christ of Peace has as bearers the members of the Alicante Local Police, integrated in this way in Alicante's Holy Week, being the only local police in Spain that belongs, by right, to a Brotherhood.


In 2004 the image of Olot would be replaced by another sculpted by the image maker D. Joaquín Mayans, however, the heavy rains that day made the Penance Station suspend, in such a way that the new carving of Mayans would procession for the first time in the holy week 2005.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • Christ of Peace in Benalúa • José Gómez Villa. Religious march. Dedicated to the Brotherhood of Christ of Peace and Our Lady of Mercy and Charity. Handwritten date on the score: March 1984.
  • Oh pious • Francisco Aguilar Gómez. "Slow march." Dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy and Charity of the Brotherhood of Benalúa.
  • The Lord of Benalúa • Salvador Moreno Fernández. Procession march dedicated to the Christ of Peace that belongs to the Benalúa neighborhood. It was released on March 27, 2015 in the parish of San Juan Bautista. It is included in the repertoire of the La LLàgrima de Mutxamel Musical Group.
  • Marrajos y Californios, by José Gallardo

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