Hermandad de la Sagrada Entrada de Jesús Triunfante en Jerusalem


Foundation year: 1942

Canonical See: Parish of the Holy Resurrection



Sculptural group: Jesus Triumphant • José Seiquer Zanón 1945

Saint John the Evangelist; Children; Burrita • José Seiquer Zanón 1945



The Cross of the eight beatitudes: possess spiritual contentment, live without malice, mourn sins, humble oneself when outraged, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and clean of heart, suffer persecution with patience. Superimposed we find the cross of Santiago, the Patron Saint of Spain, and the Golden Fleece, a symbol of the spread of Catholicism, and a decoration awarded to the city of Alicante at the bottom. All this shield is wrapped in purple in commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ.



It is traditional of this Brotherhood that every Palm Sunday all the children of the city accompany with their best clothes the passage of Jesus Triumphant through the main roads and arteries of the city carrying their olive branches and palms in commemoration of this very characteristic day of the Holy Week.



After the Eucharist on Holy Thursday 1940 in the old Provincial Home (Hogar de José Antonio), the nuns in charge of the Institution offered a breakfast to the attending officials. As a central topic of conversation came Holy Week and the idea of establishing a brotherhood from within said charity center that would procession on Palm Sunday so that all children and relatives could participate in it.


The remembered doctor D. Pedro Herrero, whose canonization process is in its diocesan phase, was the main precursor of this Brotherhood in order to brighten the stay of the children who lived in this charity center of the Hon. Provincial Council.


In August 1941 the first official meeting of the new brotherhood would be held, presided over by the superior of the Franciscan PPs of Alicante, and chaplain of the José Antonio Home, appointing the doctor D. Pedro Herrero as president, at the same time that he would be appointed President of honor to the leader of the Provincial Council of Alicante, who would become from that moment until today, as the great promoter and promoter of the new brotherhood.


Fray Juan José Gómez would propose to the Board of Directors that the passage be named after Jesús Triunfante, entrusting the sculptor José Seiquer with a highly realistic group of sculptures to represent the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.


Every year, on Palm Sunday, the children were treated to an abundant breakfast before participating in the processional parade that began at the doors of the same Home, on the Paseo de Campoamor.


Transferred, what is currently called the Provincial Home, the Brotherhood continued its procession this time without the presence of the children from said reception center.


It will be from 1997 when this Brotherhood moves its exit to the Gardens of the Palace of the Excma. Provincial Council, where, prior to the parade, all attendees are invited to a breakfast remembering, in a testimonial way, that other that was offered to the children of the Home.


As supporter, the Provincial Council would pay in 1996 for the total restoration of the images of the passage, while, in 2003, it would undergo a new restorative intervention to recover the original color of the images and lighten the weight of the passage, replacing aluminum with wood.


The image that was for worship in the chapel of the Provincial Home of Alicante, on the outskirts of the city, was transferred to the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord where it has received daily worship since 2018.


It is traditional of this brotherhood that every Palm Sunday all the children of the city accompany in their best clothes the passage of Jesus Triumphant through the main roads and arteries of the city carrying their olive branches and palms.


Every Palm Sunday the brotherhood performs a public blessing of palms and olive trees in front of the Hon. Diputación de Alicante, where once the procession is finished. 

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