Hermandad Agustina de Nuestro Padre Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras


Foundation year: 1998

Canonical See: Parish of Santa Teresa • Colegio Agustinos



Santa Cruz • Goldsmith Torralba de Calatrava 2016

Sculptural Group of Jesus Stripped of His Sacred Vestments:  

Our Father Jesus Stripped of His Garments • Ramón Cuenca Santos 2004. Sayones • Ramón Cuenca Santos 2004

Image Mariana: Our Lady of Love and Good Counsel • Ramón Cuenca Santos 2004



Mainly we find the shield of the Augustinian congregation from which this Brotherhood was born, for this reason we find a heart, as a center of illumination pierced by an arrow, a symbol of deep repentance, all superimposed on a book, reverenting Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church and on a cross, symbol of Christianity, Tree of Salvation. At the bottom of the shield we can find the words “Hermandad Agustina”, once again referring to the origins and spirit of the corporation. They finish the discreet circular decoration shield.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a red vest. Mask and cape made in blue. Red and Blue are two representative colors of the Colegio San Agustín de Alicante. He also wears a belt, white gloves and socks, black footwear and a medal of the brotherhood.



In a letter with registration of entry in the Greater Board dated July 20, 1998, the creation of a new Brotherhood in the College of Augustinians is requested. In this way, as expressed in the aforementioned letter, the Agustina family is incarnated at Holy Week in Alicante.


The presence of the Augustinians in Alicante is dated by Dean Bendicho, in his Chronicle of Alicante, June 28, 1585. They settle in the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Lluc and is described by the historian Jordán as a “house of studies and place of virtue and letters”. Years later they located their residence in what is now the Plaza de Quijano, disappearing in 1834 due to the exclaustration of all the religious orders. The Augustinians returned to settle in Alicante in 1969, this time in the Juan XXIII neighborhood from where they wanted to share with the people of Alicante, their life, their culture and the pulse of the city itself.


The constitution of the new Brotherhood is approved in a letter signed by the President of the Greater Board, Don Emilio Coloma Aracil, dated July 27, 1998, and in which the day and time of entry into the Official Career is established.


Days later, specifically on August 4, 1998, the draft statutes of this new Brotherhood are passed through the registry of the Junta Mayor. The legal constitution session is held on October 5, 1998, appointing a Management Commission.


The Statutes were definitively approved on December 15, 1998 and participating in Holy Week in Alicante on Holy Monday, March 29, 1999.


It is worth noting the interest shown by the religious community of the Augustinians in this type of initiative and by the group of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Alicante. More if possible due to the problems they had with the person who carried out the carving, who, in addition to not meeting the deadlines agreed in the contract signed for the completion and delivery of the work, dared to send a telegram in which it was not done. responsible for the possible breakage of it during the processional parade Although established in the Colegio de San Agustín, the Brotherhood begins its annual Penance Station from the Hermitage of San Roque located in the neighborhood of the same name, creating a great expectation to see her descend to the Plaza del Carmen by the stairs and the narrowness of the street. Upon their return, after entering the Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás, climbing the long slopes of San Nicolás and Abad Nájera streets, they will arrive again at the Plaza del Carmen and from there they will ascend, again by the stairs and narrow street of San Roque, for in a last and superhuman effort to introduce his titular image in the hermitage.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • Christ Stripped • Ramón García i Soler. Dedicated to the Hermandad Agustina de Ntro. Father Jesus Stripped of his Vestments of Alicante. February 23, 2005
  • Stripped for Love • José Manuel Ortega León. For musical group dedicated to the Augustinian Brotherhood of Alicante. Year 2010. Collected on the CD with the title "Bless Tobarra, Lord"
  • To Jesus Despojado • Ángel Ramírez Cháves. For musical group dedicated to the Brotherhood of the Augustinians by A.M. Tobarra Red Cross in 2014
  • For the faults and sins • Isacio de la Varga Blanco and P. Ángel Barquilla O.S.A. Hymn of the Augustinian brotherhood of Jesus Stripped of his Garments. For voice and keyboard. Premiered at the institutional act of the Brotherhood in 2000

Web: Hermandad Agustina de Nuestro Padre Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras

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