Real, Muy Ilustre, Santa y Sacramental Hermandad de la Misericordia, Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder y Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Coronada


Year of Foundation: 1860

Canonical See: Parish of Mercy



Our Father Jesus of the Great Power • Antonio Castillo Lastrucci 1942

Our Lady of the Crowned Hope • Antonio Castillo Lastrucci 1942



It is made up of a golden anchor with a rope of the same colour around its shaft, accompanied by two oval shields ready to be attached. The right hand, under a white background, with the initials JHS (Jesús Homini Salvatore) and on the left, under a white background, with the initials MEN (Our Mother Hope), both in gold, topped by the cardinal's shield, consisting of a hat with two side cords and fifteen tassels of the same colour on each side. All integrated within a purple-fuchsia cross, delimited by a low green background and gold border. Topping the shield is the Royal crown with two golden borders at the bottom.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a cream-white vest with black satin buttons, a black satin mask and cape. On the cape will be placed the shield of the Brotherhood on the left shoulder. Golden cincture on the waist ending with two tassels of the same colour. White socks and gloves, black shoes. Brotherhood Medal.



The origins of the brotherhood go back to the year 1840, when the Illustrious Mr. Victor Cristóbal Salvetti, Florentine consul in our city, between the years 1838 and 1840 brought from his native Florence an image of the Sorrowful Virgin carrying, in his hands, a crown of thorns. This image, by an unknown author and belonging to one of the best Florentine schools, we could date it to the last decades of the 18th century.


The image was venerated in the chapel that the Salvetti family owned in the former Convent of San Francisco, and the popular faith and devotion was such that it awoke the image, that it made D. Arturo Salvetti, son of D. Victor Cristóbal, think, together to a large number of residents and parishioners, in founding a Brotherhood whose titular image was that of the Sorrowful Virgin who held the crown of thorns.


Finally, in 1860, the brotherhood would be founded, with Mr. Víctor Cristóbal Salvettti appointed as the first president.


The Governing Board used to meet in the chapter house of the Convent, where the Guardian of the religious community, custodian of the image and belongings of the Brotherhood, used to give exhortations, advice and directions so that they were carried out by the brothers, that paid a monthly fee of two reals of fleece for the economic support of the corporation.In 1878 the first rules were drawn up that were approved by Bishop D. Pedro María de Cubero y López de Padilla who granted the Brotherhood its first indulgences, denominating itself "Association of the Solitude that Maria Santísima had at the foot of the Cross".


From 1878 to 1927, everything indicates that it does not process in our Holy Week, although the corporation continues to exist, until in 1927 the brotherhood is reorganized. However, on May 11, 1931, the convent where belongings and passage were worshiped is set on fire in an anticlerical environment spread throughout Spain, losing forever the venerated Virgin of the Crown of Thorns.After the civil war the brotherhood was reorganized again, processioning a new Virgin of the Crown of Thorns under a canopy in 1942, which would be donated by the Salvetti family. A carving that would be replaced in 1943 by another by the image maker D. Antonio Castillo Lastrucci under a new invocation: Our Lady of Hope. In the same year, Mr. Antonio Castillo Lastrucci carved the image of the Christ of the Great Power.


On October 15, 2011 Our Lady of Hope was canonically crowned by the Bishop of the Diocese of Orihuela-Alicante Mr. Rafael Palmero Ramos, being godmother of the coronation SM. The Queen Dña. Sofía.

In 2017, the House of His Majesty the King granted the title of Royal to the corporation.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  •  Passion and Glory • Antonio Carrillos Colomina. Dedicated to Ours. Father Jesus of the Great Power of Alicante. Released on March 16, 1991
  • Hope of Mercy • Antonio Carrillos Colomina. Dedicated to Our Lady of Hope of Alicante. Released on March 16, 1991
  • Our Lady of Hope • Francisco Grau Vegara. To the Simón family. Dedicated to the Brotherhood of the Great Power and Virgin of Hope. Gift of the composer to the family of cardiologist Antonio Simón Martinez. Released on March 12, 2005.
  • Hymn of the Coronation of Our Lady of Hope • José Garberí Serrano. Hymn written for keyboard and a voice premiered on October 16, 2011.
  • Esperanza de Alicante Crowned • Vicente Cerdà i Peris. Dedicated to the Queen of Alicante for her Canonical Coronation. @Copyright 2012.
  • La Chicotá • Elías Ibañez Lax. Composed in 2007

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