Gloriosa Hermandad de Nuestra Señora de la Alegría


Year of Foundation: 1996

Canonical See: Basilica of Santa María de Alicante



Our Lady of Joy • José María Leal Bernáldez 2016



We find in the central axis the anagram of the Virgin Mary, since it is a brotherhood with a single Marian holder. Simulating an alo on the anagram we find flowers, a symbol of joy. Topping the shield in a circular shape we find the name of the Brotherhood.



It is traditional for this Brotherhood to wear a blue Alicante tunic with a raised neck, they do not wear a mask. On the tunic we find the white scapular, a symbol of purity with the embroidered shield of the brotherhood. The habit is complemented with white gloves and black shoes.



Recovering the Procession of the Resurrected by the Greater Board of Brotherhoods since 1993, the concern arises to organize the Resurrection Encounter that was also held in Alicante.

It will be Don José Ángel Guirao Sánchez, a man linked to the Bonfires of San Juan, who assumes this concern and dreams of the constitution of a Brotherhood that will bring together the women and men of the official festivals of Alicante. A Brotherhood that reflected the existing union between the two most important events in the life of the City: Holy Week and Bonfires of San Juan.


This was done, more to the dream of José Ángel Guirao, joined by a long illness that would lead to the death of the founder of the Glorious Brotherhood of Our Lady of Joy.


The guidelines for the Encounter between the Risen One and the Virgin of Joy were established in 1997, the year of the first Encounter. But, until then, it should be noted that the birth of this Glorious Brotherhood and the characteristics that identify it, are closely linked to the Bonfires and Barracks Commissions.


Throughout 1996, he was dedicated to consolidating this Brotherhood and maintaining the existing tradition in Alicante of celebrating the "Encounter" and recovering the Alleluia that were thrown from balconies and terraces when the Church celebrated the Saturday of Glory.


In 1997, the drawings and legends that made up the Hallelujahs from the beginning of the century were recovered from the Municipal Archive, which were again printed.


Musical contribution to Holy Week

  • L’Alegría • Juli Micó. "Processó de Gloria". Score collected in the publication "10 anys de Festa en Festa. Colla de dolçaina i tabalet de Sant Antoni”year 2002. Recorded in “Somnis d’Aixa. Our Music: dolçaina i tabalet ”. Year 1999. Dedicated to the Virgin of Joy
  • Virgin of Joy • Miguel Ángel Ivorra Olmedo. "March of procession" IN MEMORIAM of José Ángel Guirao (Founding President of the Glorious Brotherhood of Our Lady of Joy) and all the brother brothers. "February 2006.
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